Welcome to the Wilcom Systems Ltd Professional Portal! Designed to provide greater convenience to the Professional when applying for career/consulting opportunities in the Ottawa area, the services of the Professional Portal are offered to you at no cost!

Whether you're seeking your first job, looking for your next consulting contract or just on the look out for a better career opportunity, you've come to the right place. This site is designed to bring greater value to you 'The Professional'. This site will replace having to seek out and track many different job sites while getting little value for the time you spend registering online, faxing or emailing your resume.

In this Professional Portal, registrants can build customized personal profiles outlining their unique skills and experience. Then, choosing from the growing list of member IT employers, one can select who they want to share this information with! The consultant portal engine will also invite you to update your file periodically and once again this information will be provided only to the companies which you have allowed access. Chose from employers such as The Powell Group (TPG), Wilcom, ESSG, LeverageTek Consulting and inRound Innovations to name a few.

Also, all registered employers will automatically have their open IT positions posted on ITJobsRUs.com and you can choose to be alerted by email for all new opportunities. This feature will allow you to apply for a multitude of positions available at a variety of companies, all from one career site! Even more important is the fact that the employer’s whom you have selected to have access to your online profile, can contact you directly for a positions, whether they decide to post it or not. This is great exposure into the Ottawa IT career opportunities!

We also know that to attract the best employers for you, we need to offer candidates that have the right skills and experience that match the job they are seeking to fill. Registering on this site is absolutely FREE and our only requirement is that you are committed to the integrity of this career site. The reputation of this site is critical, and we need your guarantee that you will always uphold the highest professionalism possible.

By registering on this site you must agree to the following:
  • Keep your personal details, skills and resume(s) up-to-date
  • Complete online application questions for jobs or consulting assignments which appeal to you.
  • Complete skills assessment testing when requested.
  • Complete online pre-interview questionnaire(s) (when requested).
  • Complete online personal and professional reference(s) request form (when requested).

Finally, it is your obligation to build a trustworthy relationship by providing honest and accurate information. The use of this site can be revoked from anyone who does not uphold its high standards.
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